The PowerSpout Turbine is a product family from New Zealand Company,  EcoInnovation. Continuous development delivers pelton, propellor and turgo products all based on rugged lightweight packaging and fresh design thinking. Clever use of plastics and innovative recycling ( 68% of the product is from recycled sources) results in a lightweight cost effective solution for most sites over a very wide head range. Multiple units can run in parallel for increased flow handling, click on the links below for more detail.
Parallel operation example for higher flows
Industrial power solution for a remote process plant
or Daves back garden ...
NZ style
Classic Pelton for High Head
Turgo for Medium Heads
LH for Low heads
PLT as supplied
PLT with works manifold *
powerspout home
solutions for higer flows
turnkey install saved £millions on utility connection
DIY..try the design calculators for your site
click to go  to the LH page
Powerspout LH for Low head sites
Powerspout in simple battery systems
Powerspout and complex battery systems
Powerspout in Grid Connect systems
Powerspout TRG models available
Powerspout PLT models available