CROSSFLOW CF2 series  
The CF2 (medium power) range of crossflow turbines operate from heads of 6 to 100 metres with power outputs from 4 kW to 1MW. They are ideally suited to mid head range sites (6 to 80m)  with  high flow rates  (60 to 1600 l/sec).

We can supply island and grid export systems, single or three phase or combined.

Grid export cabinets and Generators are fully UK approved for mains connection to G83/1 or G59/1, CE certified and fully EEC certified.

For Island or off grid running an AVR type regulated generator and our own comprehensive ELC make live off grid living very do-able. Domestic up to 20kW but all other ranges possible up to 1MW.

The CF2 series is supplied in turbine only or with grid connect or Island package for installers or OEMs'.
We also do a complete turnkey installation, part builds or consultancy.
CF2 - 20/10 to 20/32 series
CF2 - 25/10 to 25/32 series
CF2 - 32/10 to 32/40 series
CF2 - 40/10 to 40/50 series
CF2 - 50/25 to 50/50 series
CF2 Construction is mainly heavy duty iron castings, the runner is cast, casements are fabricated heavy section steel. Robustness, availability and long life are the design principles.  
A 20kW CF2 Installation work in progress
Water enters through the pipeline (right), the main butterfly valve (blue) into the turbine throat adaptor, turbine nozzle and runner. It gives up its energy and discharges through the base adaptor to the returning stream.  Power is transmitted by triple belts to (in this instance ) the synchronous generator and metering cabinet. A  water cooled dump load works with the controller to stabilise the generated power. This is an island, off grid setup.  
CF2 Model Ranges
schematics of installed components
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