T1 and T2 Turgo
Micro power for mid range heads from 8 to 17 metres
The PowerPal T1 & T2 Turgo is a compact system of turbine directly coupled to the generator.  Generator power output is from 660W to 2.0kW depending on head and flow. The T1 is fitted with a 1kW capacity generator and the T2 is fitted with a 2kW version. Both versions use an asychronous induction generator with seperate electronic ballast for exceptionally good voltage and frequency control.  
In operation all or part of the stream flow is diverted through a 15cm
diameter steel or PVC penstock pipe and down to the turbine.
                                         MHG-T1                                            MHG-T2
Water head               H   8m         9m         10m      11m       12m       14m      16m      17m
Water flow l/sec       Q   21           22           23         23          26           28          30         30
Turbine output      kW   0.88        1.04        1.2        1.33       1.62       2.05       2.5        2.66
Generator output  kW   0.66        0.78        0.90      1.00      1.22       1.54      1.88      2.00

delightfully simple and compact turgos for up to 2kw power output.