Crossflow Turbines
Powerpal Crossflow turbines are high flow, high availability machines up to 1MW.  The machines are ideally suited to Island/Village scale off grid or parallel runing grid tie applications. Our crossflows are ehavilly built for the rigors of run of river schemes in isolated communities where availability is key and local capability can sustain generation without outside expertise.  We have sytems in operation throughout Africa Asia and the developed world.  
30kVA Powerpal CF2 crossflow runs a modern water treatment plant in Kenya off the raw water feedstock. Onward distribution by gravity makes the entire system energy independent, a world class example of total energy management.  
3 kW Powerpal CF2. Single phase run of river drop in with bespoke twin Bauer rapid connectors, this system runs in parallel with a Powerpal T1 in Scotland,  UK. Frequent outages in the area means this is often the only property with the lights on. Weve added grid export capability so the owner can run off grid straight from the turbine, run just the hot water or offset his import through the grid connection set up.
Crossflow model CFA .. supplied as turnkey for a wide range of head and flows. Ideally suited to our SCS Induction Generators and grid tie package for power outputs up to 15kW.

Unit pictured is installed in Scotland, UK where it automatically copes with wildly varying mountain stream flow and litter condiitons.  The unusual alternator is a Smart Drive Unit with a top wiring box.  We use Induction alterntors or Permanent Magnet alternators

The long inlet is for a rubber sleeve coupler to a 6" pipe.  
Powerpal CF2 ' Split Flow' asymetrical twin valve turbines
Turbine components on pallet, gen behind,inlet throat,turbine and main valve.
CFA12-30 performance chart