Solar hot water  
Differential temperature switch for hot water from the sun
Solar THX differential temperature switch for solar hot water systems.  Our no frills entry level 'fit and forget' controller is for use on flat plate, serpentine and DIY  collectors. It is also a direct replacement for older thermistor units. Mains powered, the unit contains a (16Amp) relay that switches on a central heating type circulation pump (not supplied) when a temperature difference between two sensors reaches a fixed 5 degrees, the pump switches off when the differential falls to 2 degrees.   Very simple all analogue, ultra low power ( 0.18W )          Available now...
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Solar THX standard temperature switch (thermistor) each             £49-50 Sensor 5m lead assembly (available seperately)      each             £  8-20 Sensor 10m lead assembly                                    each            £  9-20 OEM s' (min Qty 10)  discounts apply

Entry level differential temperature swith
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