Ultra high efficiency IE4 Induction Motors - From Germany
Dual purpose (Motor oor Generator) Permanent Magnet Excited Motor and Generator
Ideal for Electric Vehicles , Renewables Industry and Energy recovery  
Efficiency up to 96.8%, unparalleld  in small motors
Principle Features :

Just 4 models,  3 IEC frame sizes each:

Min power ratings : 1.1kW, 2.2kW, 4.0kW and 7.5kW at 1000RPM  
Run each size up to 4 times RPM for 4 times shaft power
Drive from Inverter - Sensorless Vector Control, Max 200Hz for 4000RPM    
Direct mechanical replacement for IE2, IE3 types.
Super Effficency up to 96.8% -  massive improvement over IE3
Model:                  Power summary :

MFM 1.0 kW          P = 1kW,       1000 RPM,      50Hz
                            To :  
                            P = 4kW;       4000 RPM,      200Hz

MFM 2.2kW         P = 2kW        1000 RPM,       50Hz
                           P = 8kW;       4000 RPM,      200Hz

MFM 4.0kW         P = 4kW        1000 RPM,       50Hz
                           P = 16kW,     4000 RPM,       200Hz

MFM 7.5kW         P =7.5kW,      1000 RPM,       50Hz
                           P= 30.0kW,    4000 RPM,       200Hz