PowerPal LH500 Low Head Turbine
Powerpal LH (low head) range operates from a fixed head of just 1.5 metres (5ft) and is unique in generating 220 ac  (110ac models avail.) straight from the machine which is suitable for driving simple loads directly. More often they are used for battery charging, heating or for exporting power back into the grid.
These machines have high volumetric flow and are physically larger and more robustly built than competitor machines. The standard alternator and shaped flow pieces are for heads up to 1.75m, for heads above this we supply an ID version with either Smart drive, Induction or PMA 3 phase alternator.
Systems are only supplied as installable packages,  1kW base unit under review.    
   MGH500LH ID
900 Watts exported grid power output, flow requirement 85 litres per second.  3 Phase PMA (Grid or battery MPPT)
Extended head range to 2..4m, utility grade with flow control  
System packages
We supply system packages to suit the site and application.
Because of its high voltage Powerpal can be placed far from batteries or  the grid.
Hydraulic parts
Balance of system shaped intake canal sections and draft tubes for highest efficiency.
The original flume mounted negative head turbine, in standard and improved design
   110 or 220 ~
500 Watts continuous power output, flow requirement 70 litres per second.  Flow control available
500-650 W battery charging package with manual flow control and prewired panel
Specially shaped flow control canals for opertion at low head
The classic LH turbine
Video of running turbine with heavy leaf load