Electrical and Electronic Products for Hydro, Wind and Solar
Induction generator excitation and ELC cabinets
Excitation and ELC cabinet for a 5kW Induction Generator - Grid Tie

- Excitation Capacitors Encased
- Rectified to DC for Grid Tie cabinet
- External air cooled 3 phase Dump load
- Totally silent - convection cooled
- Prominent DC Meter
- SCR regulated, all analogue
- IP54 sealed
- Klampit H overvolts crowbar protection
Excitation and ELC Cabinet single phase AC - off grid direct use

- Excitation Capacitors within cabinet
- Loss of excitation DC injection system
- Overload drop out protection
- PWM regulation, Immersion heater load
- Front panel output socket
- Manual enable/disable buttons
- Wheel rotation detection interlock (No DC injection while running)
- Prominent DIN 72 ac Meter , Battery meter
- Internal SLA battery with trickle charge  
- Klampit H overvolts protection
- All analogue
We also supply proprietry direct connect induction generator packages for direct to line grid power export.  To UK G83/x or G59/x approvals
Here it is working on th wheel - marvelous!
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