PowerPal Mid Head Hydro Electric turbine sets
The MGH200HH
160 to 200 Watts continuous power output, flow requirement 6.3 to 6.4 l/sec respectively.
275 to 520 Watts continuous power output, flow requirement 7.4 to 9.1 l/sec respectively.
The MGH500HH
The ELC (Electronic load controller) maintains the set voltage  - regardless of load.
Powerpal HH (High Head) turbines are unique in supplying single phase ac for immediate consumption - an ac regulator keeps the turbine under control for all load conditions. These machines are very popular with adventurers, remote and extreme lifestylers and developing nations with limited resource. Available in 230 or 110 versions, supplied with 75mm iron stub, a 3 phase version for grid tie is being developed.

Alans HH200 squeezed in front of his waterwheel !
This machine is 'dual duty' and mostly grid tied through an interface box and grid tie inverter,  switchthe inverter off and 230 volts is available for emergency lighting etc ..
ELC spec
HH manual