Powerpal for Water Heating  
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Specially made for us 500 Watt Immersion Heater elements for use with DHW controllers or straight to 200W& 500W Powerpals. Also brilliant for boats caravans to run on the mains where shore power is limited. OK with all inverter types; cheap square wave, trapizoidal or pure sin wave or the mains at 200-240V.
DHW controller diverts unused power into a heater or immersion element. Wall mounting.
  • One of the best uses for micro hydro is in heating hot water and one of the best machines is the Powerpal.
  • Because it already generates high voltage similar to the mains, standard heating elements can be connected to it. This makes the  installation very simple and the energy use very effective.
  • Space heating is also possible and again powerpal will connect directly to underfloor electrical cabling or indirectly to underfloor wet systems.
  • Heating elements can be used in two ways with our Powerpal turbines. Where the flow is constant the element can match the heater; a 1kW turbine will drive a 1kW element, a 500 Watt machine is matched to a 500 Watt element and the 200Watt needs a 200 Watt element.
  • Using the DHW controller permits greater flexibility and allows a more powerful heater element to be used. In this instance double the heater element  so the 200 turbine would use a 500W element, a 500 turbine uses a 1kW elementn and the 1kW turbine uses a 2kW element.
  • Our DHW elements are standard 11" x 2 1/4"BSP we do not use a thermostat as the element is always in circuit in a hydro system; you must provide an external thermostat trip and waste heat dump circuit for excessive hot water.
  • A thermostat pocket is built in for applications other than hydro power, the thermostat is not provided.
  • The DHW controller is also compatable with our air heat dumps, these make great space heaters and can be run continuously.  
Phase controller for use with Hot Water Elements
power transmission
power points
Spreadsheet for Heater Elements