Electrical and Electronic Products for Hydro, Wind and Solar
System components for Hydro, Wind and Solar  
Pretty much all Wind, Hydro or Solar can experience adverse conditions that result in system runaway and overvolts, these usually lead to expensive and inconvienient damage.  Weve designed both progressive and absolute protection devices to suit a wide range of AC and DC generators for all small scale renewable schemes.
Standard three wire, tab version with series and protection diodes
Two wire Klampit H xxx  version, for immersion heater or resistor dump loads
KLAMPIT is a 'crowbar' overvolts protection device. If the DC volts applied to it reaches a set level it switches on and holds the volts across it low until the current through it drops.    

Once the current drops it self resets, for wind this would happen in a lull, for hydro the clamp releases when the water stops, for solar darkness.

Klampit is a final, absolute protection device designed to keep protecting even if itself destroyed, it is the last line of defence and augments a limiter in a renewable energy system.  
Klampit H is a two wire 'crowbar' protection device  used to switch in protection loads. It is placed in series with the dissipation device .. use to bypass power into a second load if the primary load fails.  DC only or use with a bridge rectifier for AC sources.
Reset by removing power or commutation.
Klampit has a thermal tab for bolting to a heatsink or chassis plate.  Use with heatsink < 3 deg C/W

KLAMPIT - The strongest Overvolts Protection Clamp
Preset trip Volts

Other voltages
on request
Klampit H - for Heaters and other resistive loads
Klampit H has very low dissipation, mount to a <10 degC/W heatsink.  
Installation drawing
Installation drawing