Electrical and Electronic Products for Hydro, Wind and Solar
Regulators for DC dynamos  
Dynoreg 12 -  A 20Amp Voltage and current regulator for the Lucas C40 (and other similar) positive earth dynamo.

These units are ideal for small wind and hydro, the C40 is suprisingly efficient and low speed.

Voltage regulation by PWM modulation of the field coils, reverse battery blocking diode so can be permanently connected to the battery.  

I added variable current limit so it didnt overload the driving source, a small waterwheel

Flying leads supplied for connection to the dynamo but do remember its case is positive.. pretty sure you can modify to reverse this - we havnt done it yet.

Regulator on a C40 unit, functional test in the shed - I'll do a modular version for use on classic cars later on.

Many thanks to Manfred for his excellent design.  
For Lucas C40 and similar dynamos, for wind or hydro
Testing the unit with a real battery and variable source