Making use of a weir....
...or natural feature
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Some of our projects
Ultra Low Head Hydro power ..  this turbine is exporting all its power to the grid and meets virtually all this customers needs, the result is no more large electricity bills .. at all...ever. A UK first ... head range Just  1m to 1.75m
Wind energy provides this large modern house with continuous mains electricity which is more reliable than the utility mains.  
more about Pat & Derecks project
Wind photos Courtesy of Spalding Guardian
and Lincoln Free Press
Hydro cabinets interface to on or off grid systems. We deliver total systems solutions to suit each client and site, autonomous operation that delivers power to utility quality without outages.This unit is attached to a powerpal HH 500 turbine in UK
Grid tie interface cabinet with integral DHW controller enables turbine power to be used as required, essential when the mains fails. This unit is attached to a LH500 in UK  
Waterwheels are not 'past it',  they are excellent prime movers for mechanical and electrical power and are a first class teaching aid plus you get the best water feature ever!  ... for lovers of industrial heritage, and inspired schools ..  
Off grid high performance inverter ... when you're really relying it, cheap is just not good enough. We will only use the very best sine wave units with sealed deep cycle batteries.  
LH 1000 running ...
We make Solar differential temperature switches as well, this is the base model with thermistor sensors  .....  destined for Kenya.

All units are UK designed and build, OEM enquiries for switches or bespoke product design always welcome.  

We make waterwheels for power and for garden and architectural feature; actually we make the finest and most elegant wheels in the world packed with style and uniqueness.
great use of a natural feature for this MGH1000
This MGH500 brought these villagers out of the dark ages
recent mgh1000 project
swirly gig!
Wind power runs this entire property
Hydro interface for off grid hose
Grid tie interface for 500W turbine
Beautiful Waterwheels for education see Schools & Education
Solar Hot Water ... an export batch for Kenya
Stunning 2 metre power wheel in a garden setting
Here for an example of the LH200 installed in Scotland action VIDEO (with sound) ...4.5 Mb file
more on Tims' project ....
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