Cliffs' 2m (6 x 1) Garden Waterwheel
( Based in South Wales,UK )
See a real working example ?
Completed summer 2007, Cliffs fabulous 2m wheel is now surrounded by new planting and a new stone ruin. The bare patches and planting will cover and mature with time, Pauls choice of shrubs and trees blends really well with the striking and bold red of the wheel and pink of the stone ... marvelous. The pictures are good but being there, well thats another matter ...  
In the far background is the stone ruin which inspired the garden theme and wheel location. While this is a true water powered wheel, it turns so freely that even the wind will make it go round.

The water system is cleverly extended to include a footbridge and pond

I hope this inspires you to think about doing something similar in your garden. It took around 3 days to install and comission on a prepared site.

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David Willcox (design engineer)  
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