Waterwheel and Support Component gallery
An indication of generated power provides real time feedback, each lamp lights in sequence as the power increases.
Efficient control of wheel power is acheived by varying the water flow to it. The wheel controller acheives precise flow control and protects against deep discharging the battery.

The very minimal water requirements (0.05 l/s) also means low pumping power, essential when running off batteries kept charged from renewable sources, solar wind etc.
The Handpump is eagerly in operation at each and every break time, it is greatly loved ....also essential if the battery is low...
Both mechanical power and electrical power are available at the hub. On clear view are the familiar drive components with an embedded alternator and an example of recycled components.

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'Litestick' (TM) Power indicating column for real time feedback
Running on pump power
Power generation components
Spec Sheet